Misha is an award-winning show creator with projects spanning film, TV, theater, and digital. An official participant of the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival Digital Creators Market, Misha recently wrapped production on a new digital comedy series for BRIC TV entitled All Hail Beth. Three-time finalist for the Sundance/YouTube New Voices Lab, Misha has screened at festivals around the world for her digital series StrutTextual Intercourse, and Step Into My Office. She is currently in development for several new projects for 2019/2020.

As an actor, she has appeared regularly on the Emmy Award-winning show A Crime to Remember. Off-Broadway writer/director credits include three Chekhovian satires set in a 1980’s high school, and the original comedy A Seagull is Born. Off-Broadway acting credits include The CrucibleThe Picture of Dorian Gray, and Psycho Beach Party. Misha first achieved notoriety as an experimental performance artist, where she garnered a great deal of press for her media manipulation and public satires, most notably Re-VirginizationThe Mister and Miss Williamsburg Pageant, and the Bob Ross-themed fundraiser Beat the Devil Out of It which raised money for inner city art students.

Much of Misha’s unique voice comes from her experiences in New York and London as a young, single woman. Female empowerment is part of Misha’s core creative value system, and her work delivers a bold, authentic female POV with a female-forward cast and crew. Her work is provocative but inclusive, spanning satire and dark comedy on up to sci-fi and drama.

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